Freifunk Leipzig 1828  (Network ID: 0)
Terms of Use
[ Terms of Use ] - English

1. In General

The open and free wireless is operated by volunteers.
All devices and internet connections (incl. infrastructure) are paid on their costs.
This user agreement settles for the use of by participants that connect to it.

2. Access

Access to is not guaranteed.
It can be interrupted at any time without notice for any reason or blocked for specific devices and participants.
The access and the necessary data to connect to the network are defined by the node and transmitted to the terminals via DHCP or similar protocols.
Using old, invalid or user-defined data (e.g. IP address) is not permitted, as these may disrupt the network or cause damage.
Through the operation of the network it is impossible to predict which router is used for Internet access.

3. Legally prohibited acts

The participant agrees to take no action or to refrain from acts which violate the law or the rights of others.

4. Legally forbidden contents

The participant agrees not to transmit any content via which violate the law.

5. Responsibility

The operators of the network are not responsible for the data transmitted or resulting damage.
They represent only the network and provide access it.
Responsibility lies with the user who uses the network and accepts these Terms of Use. Those who access the network without accepting the Terms of Use are liable to prosecution.

6. Logging

Network / router do not store data, but forwards them via routers. Similarly, no log data is stored.
MAC addresses of network devices are stored in the RAM and caches of routers to provide the necessary network funktionality only.
However, it is possible - with suspicion of abuse (eg, illegal data sharing, surfing on illegal sites, exchange of copy protected content, and another, which is against the law) - upon request by authorities that data is stored and passed on as technically possible.

7. Fair Use Policy

The participant agrees not to use in a way that have adverse effect on infrastructure, even its operator or other participants.

8. Security

The is open and therefore unencrypted intentionally.
Each participant is responsible for the security of its connections and its devices.

9. Disclaimer: No warranty of any kind

The operator accepts no liability; including loss of data, unauthorized access, damage to terminals/devices or financial loss a subscriber suffers from by using