Freifunk Leipzig 1828  (Network ID: 0)
Model: TP-Link TL-WR841N/ND v10, Version: 8.2.4, Name: Bockau-01, Standort: Bockau (Erzgebirge, SN)
Pico Agreement
[ Pico Agreement ] - English

1. Free Transit:

The owner agrees to provide free transit accross their free network.
The owner agrees not to modify or interfere with data as it passes through their free network.

2. Open Communication:

The owner agrees to publish the information necessary for peering to take place
This information shall be published under a free licence
The owner agrees to be contactable and will provide at least an email adress

3. No Warranty:

There is no guaranteed level of service
The service is provided "as is", with no warranty or liability of whatsoever kind
The service can be scaled back or withdrawn at any time with no notice

4. Terms of Use:

The owner is entitled to formulate an 'acceptable use policy'
This may or may not contain information about additional services provided (apart from basic access)
The owner is free to formulate this policy as long as it does not contradict points 1 to 3 of this agreement (see point 5)

5. Local Amendments:
Owner and user agree the rules, that are displayed when connecting to the network.

Definition of terms

Owner: The owner of the node has the right to operate their network equipment and to donate any part of its functionality to the FreeNetwork
Transit: Transit is the exchange of data into, out of or across a network
Free Transit: Free transit means that the owner will neither charge for the transit of data nor modify the data
Free Network: The Free Network is the sum of interconnected hardware and software resources, whose FreeTransit has been donated by the owners of those resources
The Service: The Service is made up of Free transit and Additional Services
Additional Services: In terms of the PPA, an additional service is anything over and above Free Transit. For example, provision of a DHCP server, a web server or a mail server

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